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Human beings have many ailments and diseases and all these diseases are always unpredictable and dangerous. People don’t get the time to act and react and precious time is lost while getting the patient to the hospital and such a delay always leads to raising the level of criticality in the patient’s case and it even leads to the death of the patient because of the loss of the crucial time and wastage of blood or absence of crucial emergency care in the midway can be the main causes. Any critical patient can’t survive under such conditions. The rate of patients’ mortality can only decline if the emergency services are provided to all such patients on time.

B.M.S Princeton service can be able to provide such services to all such patients living in Princeton, New Jersey and it will certainly happen when the agency of Princeton Taxi and Cab services will provide its vehicles to be used as emergency vehicles for all such emergency patients in Princeton. All of this was possible because of a tie-up between this global biopharmaceutical company and the best taxi service of Princeton.

Thus, The Bristol-Myers Squibb Princeton is well-known for providing medical services such as discovering, developing and delivering innovative medicines that can help patients in battling and prevailing over numerous life-threatening diseases. This particular company is also popular for working together for patients. Thus, due to the tie-up with the Princeton service, they are able to provide different types of emergency vehicles including their services that are as follows:-

  • Emergency ambulance

This is the first and most common type of vehicle that is known for providing care to the patients with an acute illness or injury. These are mostly road going vans inside Princeton.

  • Patient Transport ambulance

This is the second most common type of emergency vehicle because it is used to be in the job of transporting patients to the hospital. It can also bring patients for regular outdoor treatments, such as taking the patients daily for a dialysis center. These can be vans and cars etc.

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